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Basic climbing course

You tried climbing and you like it? It is time to learn the basics of movement on the rock, how to belay and all other knowledge needed to be safe and enjoy in this beautiful recreation!

This course is six days long and all you need are your climbing shoes and positive attitude :)

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Learn to belay

No one wants to climb with a bad belayer! This is the most valuable and most important element of this education. Climb safe and smart.

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Posture analysis

Every student gets personal posture analysis and posture corrector exercises if needed. This part of program is run by climber kinesiologist with experience and education in both fields. 

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Learn to move and lead climb safely

All techniques with rope management and all the knots of the world don't mean anything if you don't know how to move on the route. Instructions by experienced climber will help you advance your skill in a safe and pleasant way.

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Learn everything about equipment needed for sport climbing and use a special discount that we offer to our students in local outdoor shop:

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Rig to lower from anchor

Sometimes on top of sport route there is no karabiner but ring(s). We will teach you two safe ways how to lower yourself.


Multipitch discovery climb

On our last day, as a graduation present we will take you a little higher on a multipitch climb and rappel. Here you will experience basics of big wall climbing and a lifelong memory.

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