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Alpine climbing course

Crown of our education for those who are already active climbers and can lead at least 5b graded routes. This education is divided in two segments:

- learn techniques for big wall climbing and self rescue,

- climb three big walls to practise everything that you learned.


In this course you will climb in traditional way using self placed protection on the routes.


Individual approach

High quality standards that we offer here come to spotlight as we work with maximum two climbers as a group. 
Most of the time it is one on one and transfer of knowledge and experience is amazing.  


Climb bigwall

During this course you will do first steps in climbing rock faces from 200 to 500 meters depending on your fitness level and all with supervision of alpine climbing instructor with almost 20 years of non stop climbing experience. 


Learn how to put protection in traditional routes

Is it bolted multipitch route with big runouts or completely clean route with no protection in place you will be ready to climb it safely. 


Screenshot 2022-10-25 at 18.31.48.png


Learn everything about equipment needed for big wall climbing and use a special discount that we offer to our students in local outdoor shop:


Learn what to do if thing go wrong

When we climb big walls in the mountains we must know basics of providing first aid and how to reach our partner on the rope whatever the situation is.

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High quality video materials

Get high quality video materials for every part of the course.

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